College Counseling

Your work got you here. We help with your next steps.

Planning to the Max

When you're ready to make your college plans, GSSM is ready to help you maximize your efforts. Our professional college counselors are experts because they have been on the inside of college admissions themselves. Their focus at GSSM is to guide you to the college or university that best fits you. They lay the groundwork to make sure that the colleges and universities you apply to know that you are an achiever and able to stand out on their campuses.

Dedicated to the future of you.

Your personal college counselor walks you through discovering colleges and universities that are a good fit for you, finding scholarships and financial aid, writing your admission essays, and navigating NCAA athletics requirements. They'll give you all the help you need to put your best foot forward. We also provide support for standardized testing (SAT,ACT, PSAT & AP).  From test prep sessions and resources, transportation to national test day administrations, and school day administrations for all juniors, we are here for you.

Best in class, best for you.

Our best-in-class approach to the college counseling process provides students and parents direction in discovering colleges that are a good “fit” for each student—academically, socially, personally, and financially. In this process students will learn more about their aptitudes, interests and why a good fit college is more than name recognition or prestige-- it’s about finding where you can succeed and launch your career or graduate school preparation.

It just makes sense.

We'll start slowly in your junior year as you participate in college planning information sessions and take your pick of opportunities to meet admission representatives from distinctive colleges that make it a point to stop by GSSM, in person or virtually, to meet our students.

You and your family will use SCOIR, an online portal that keeps all of your application materials in one place and keeps families, college counseling staff, and colleges you're applying to all on the same page.

You'll discover that the thought and energy we put into college counseling is on par with GSSM's academic programs. It just makes sense.

Each student has at least one individual conference with their college counselor early in the spring in addition to attending College Planning Seminar I classes weekly, followed by optional parent/student meetings offered via Zoom or conference call. One-on-one college planning continues in the fall of senior year in College Planning Seminar II. GSSM’s college counselors also write letters of recommendation for each student applying to college.

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