GoSciTech - Residential Course Descriptions & Course Schedules

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2024 Course schedules and descriptions are below.

Week 1: June 16-21, 2024 **CLOSED**

**CLOSED** 1A. Anthropology: The Study of UsDr. Kiley Molinari8, 9, & 10830
**CLOSED** 1B. AstrophysicsDr. Patrick Briggs8, 9, & 10830
**CLOSED** 1C. Codes & CryptographyDr. Gary Salazar8, 9, & 10830
**CLOSED** 1D. Game DesignMr. Taylor Belcher8, 9, & 10830
**CLOSED** 1F. Photography: Where Art and Science ConvergeMrs. Julie Mixon8, 9, & 10830
**CLOSED** 1G. Psychology: The Science of PeopleMs. Bethany Spencer8, 9, & 10830
**CLOSED** 1H. Science and the LawMrs. Charlotte Lomnicki8, 9 & 10830
**CLOSED** 1I. Pre-Med: Biomedical GeneticsDr. Janay Vacharasin9 & 10830
**CLOSED** 1J. Arduino Robotics: Build, Program, CompeteDr. Dave Eslinger9 & 10950
**CLOSED** 1K. Chess: The GSSM GambitDr. Gordon Brown8, 9 & 10830

Week 2: June 23-28, 2024  **CLOSED**

**FULL/WAITLIST** 2A. Ornithology    Ms. Jordan Bailey8 & 9830
**FULL** 2B. Pre-Med: Anatomy & PhysiologyDr. Jim Wetzel8 & 9830
**FULL/WAITLIST** 2C. AstrophysicsDr. Patrick Briggs8, 9, & 10830
**FULL** 2D. Build Your Own ComputerMr. Travis Dalton8, 9, & 101250
**FULL/WAITLIST** 2E. Destination SPACEDr. DeWayne Cecil8, 9, & 10970
**FULL** 2F. Game Design    Mr. Taylor Belcher8, 9, & 10830
**FULL/WAITLIST** 2G. MicrobiologyDr. Gita Mohanty8, 9 & 10830
**FULL** 2H. Arduino Robotics: Build, Program, CompeteDr. Dave Eslinger9 & 10950
**FULL** 2I. Don't Try This at Home!Dr. Zachary Davis9 & 10830
**FULL** 2J. Pre-Med: GeneticsDr. Janay Vacharasin    9 & 10830

Week 3: July 7-12, 2024

**FULL/WAITLIST** 3A. Chemistry: What’s That Stuff?Mrs. Ashley Seagle8 & 9830
**FULL** 3B. Pre-Med: Anatomy & PhysiologyDr. Jim Wetzel8 & 9830
**FULL** 3C. Augmented and Virtual RealityDr. Kemper Talley & Mrs. Aliceann Talley8, 9, & 10830
**FULL/WAITLIST** 3D. BubbleologyMr. Dave Matthews8, 9, & 10830
**FULL** 3E. Engineering a Better TomorrowDr. Rahul Renu8, 9, & 10830
**FULL/WAITLIST** 3F. MicrobiologyDr. Gita Mohanty8, 9, & 10830
**FULL** 3G. FIRST Tech Challenge RoboticsDr. Elaine Parshall9 & 10830
**FULL/WAITLIST** 3H. The Search for Life Out There: Astrobiology and Planetary ExplorationDr. Patricia Craig9 & 10830


**FULL/WAITLIST**-Indicates the class is full and a waitlist exists. If you would like to join the waitlist, please complete the online application and submit the students first semester grades. The student will be automatically placed on the waitlist, and we will notify you if a spot becomes available. There is no fee to add your name to the waitlist.

**FULL**-We are no longer accepting additional students for this waitlist.

Anthropology: The Study of Us **FULL/WAITLIST**

Why do humans look the way we do? How can a forensic anthropologist identify a person using only their skeletal remains? Are you curious about foods, languages, music, religions, clothing, and games from different cultures around the world? If so, this class is right for you! You will gain introductory knowledge in the field of anthropology as we investigate its four subfields: cultural, linguistic, archaeological, and biological. We will take a close look at archaeological and biological anthropology by surveying outdoor sites, examining real archaeologists’ tools, and even studying 3D models of human skulls to look at evolution!
Instructor: Dr. Kiley Molinari
Grade Level: Rising 8th, 9th, & 10th

Image of skeletons on a table.

Arduino Robotics: Build, Program, Compete **FULL/WAITLIST**

Have you ever wanted to build and program your own robot? What is the difference between a two-wheel differential and a three-wheel holonomic drive system? Using an Arduino Mega-compatible micro-controller, you will learn the basics of programming in C/C++ while working with electronic components. We will learn about different robotics concepts, construction techniques, and sensors to control the robot’s movement. By participating in competitions, you will be able to share knowledge with your classmates. And the best part? Your robot and sensors will go home with you!
Instructor: Dr. Dave Eslinger
Grade Level: Rising 9th & 10th

Astrophysics **FULL/WAITLIST**

Where do black holes and stars come from? How can we measure their temperatures, masses, and ages when we can’t visit them? Why do we think the universe began billions of years ago? Using experiments and physical theories, we will develop a better understanding of stars, galaxies and our universe. You will collect data and use mathematical models to understand the laws governing our solar system and the stars and galaxies beyond. Our work will include investigations into spectroscopy, the measurement and classification of stars, the origin of black holes, the diversity of galaxies, and the Big Bang itself!
Instructor: Dr. Patrick Briggs
Grade Level: Rising 8th, 9th, & 10th

Image of student looking through spectroscope.

Augmented and Virtual Reality **FULL**

How can we bridge the gap between our physical and virtual worlds? What do your favorite mobile games have to do with science? Popular applications from Pokémon Go to ChatGPT have been rapidly transforming the way we use technology and learn as the real world and the virtual world collide. By providing immersive simulations, augmented and virtual reality can enhance skill development and decision making in critical situations and allow for safer job training, including careers in aviation and motor racing. Experience some of these technologies firsthand using VR headsets like the Oculus and Index! We will create our own virtual environments by harnessing game development tools in Unity3D, crafting 3D models in Blender, mastering coding with C#, utilizing artificial intelligence to develop creative solutions to hard problems, and more!
Instructor: Dr. Kemper Talley & Mrs. Aliceann Talley
Grade Level: Rising 8th, 9th, & 10th


Have you ever seen someone create a giant bubble and wondered how to do that yourself? Join us as we dive into the world of bubbles as we apply the scientific method to unravel the secrets behind the art and science of making impressively unique suds. You and your classmates will work together to produce giant bubbles by integrating physics, chemistry, and engineering. Become a chemist as you develop the perfect bubble solution. Hone your engineering skills to create your own bubble wands. We will work to understand the forces at play as bubbles form, float, and burst. This hands-on soapy experience combines creativity with scientific principles to create mesmerizing bubbles and guaranteed fun!
Instructor: Mr. Dave Matthews
Grade Level: Rising 8th, 9th, & 10th

Build Your Own Computer **FULL**

Just what goes into making a computer? And how do they work? How can networks and information technology (IT) be used for game design or cryptocurrency mining? You will build a personal computer that you get to take home and discuss these topics and more! Learn web design using HTML, programming in CSS and JavaScript, the basics of cybersecurity, and explore the Internet of Things. Through hands-on projects, you will understand the different computing disciplines and develop introductory skills that could lead to a career in IT.
The class price includes the purchasing of a take-home computer kit.
Instructor: Mr. Travis Dalton
Grade Level: Rising 8th, 9th, & 10th

Chemistry: What’s That Stuff?

What makes a colored pencil red? Why do oranges smell orangey? Why are some plastics rigid and others flexible? We will explore the chemistry behind the materials in our favorite clothes, the foods that make our mouths water, and more! You’ll get hands-on experience with essential chemistry techniques, make your own polymers, and learn about the chemicals that make up all the stuff around us!
Instructor: Mrs. Ashley Seagle
Grade Level: Rising 8th & 9th

Chess: The GSSM Gambit

Are you a strategic thinker with a love of puzzles? Chess has been played for over a thousand years, and this seemingly simple game is famous for its ability to enhance your critical thinking, focus, creativity, and even empathy. All player experience levels are welcome—from first timers to experienced competitors—as we learn the rules, notation, and tactics to become mentally agile players and students of the game. Throughout the camp, you'll have the chance to play plenty of chess games, participate in friendly competitions, and even learn from guest speakers. By the end of the week, you'll leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the game of chess, as well as new friends who share your passion for this timeless game.
Instructor: Dr. Gordon Brown
Grade Level: Rising 8th, 9th, & 10th

Codes and Cryptography **FULL/WAITLIST**

Have you ever wanted to send a secret message to your friends? How can we keep private information secure? You will examine coding theory in relation to transmitting and communicating data accurately, cryptography techniques for security, public-key systems, and many common ciphers. As a class, we will investigate modern-day applications that involve error-correcting codes like those used in barcodes, CDs, financial transactions and digital television.
Instructor: Dr. Gary Salazar
Grade Level: Rising 8th, 9th, & 10th


Have you always wanted to explore space? Join us in Destination SPACE and create your own weather stations while learning about remote sensing methods for space exploration. You will build, test, calibrate, and program your own mobile weather station and analyze and report the data it collects while exploring climatology, satellite science, engineering, and more! We will launch our weather stations on a tethered weather balloon, design and launch water-bottle rockets in a team competition, and investigate just how remote sensors work. Students are encouraged to visit the Destination SPACE, Inc. website for more information; https://www.destinationspace-stem.org/.
Instructor: Dr. L. DeWayne Cecil 
Grade Level: Rising 8th, 9th, & 10th

Don't Try This at Home! **FULL**

Do you ever think about why fireworks explode? Are you curious about expanding your chemistry knowledge? Or maybe you want to understand exactly how invisible ink works? Level up your chemistry skills in this advanced chemistry course and learn how to do all of the things that your science teachers refused to let you try in class. After a thorough discussion of safety, we will get our hands on the chemical reactions behind fireworks, explosives, illusions, stink bombs, and more. And remember, these experiments are for the lab—Don’t Try This at Home!
An introductory understanding of chemistry is helpful but not required. This course is highly recommended for students with some chemistry background.
Instructor: Dr. Zachary Davis
Grade Level: Rising 9th & 10th

Engineering a Better Tomorrow **FULL/WAITLIST**

What does social media have to do with engineering? Who decides what merchandise we can see and purchase in a store? People buy all sorts of products, and those products were all designed and engineered by someone. We will explore how engineering and data science influence the development of products while you gain experience with hands-on design-and-build challenges. You will develop creative ideas and analyze product reviews to help design innovative improvements for an existing product. This class is perfect for anyone with an interest in engineering and data analysis!
Instructor: Dr. Rahul Renu
Grade Level: Rising 8th, 9th, & 10th

FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics **FULL/WAITLIST**

Do you love watching Robot Wars? Do you want to compete in head-to-head competitions as you test your robot design, construction, and programming skills? If so, this class is right up your alley! Beginners will learn how to build and program a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) robot, while more experienced students will dive deep into a focus area such as imaging or odometry—the possibilities are endless. We will use Blocks and Java to code, so you will have the opportunity to learn both languages before our ultimate robotics tournament at the end of the week. The FTC robotics class is open to all skill levels—there is a challenge for everyone!
Instructor: Dr. Elaine Parshall
Grade Level: Rising 9th, & 10th

Game Design **FULL/WAITLIST**

Just how do video games work and how can you make your own? Learn the basics of video game design and development from level design and programming to art and music through interactive projects! We will create our original games with the PICO-8 fantasy console by building custom sprites, sounds, and objects. In this course, you will become familiar with object-oriented programming and basic video game development. And you’ll use the iterative design process to improve your game based on player feedback – just like real video game companies!

This class is designed for enthusiastic gamers and/or aspiring game designers with little to no computer programming experience.
Instructor: Mr. Taylor Belcher
Grade Level: Rising 8th, 9th, & 10th

Microbiology **FULL/WAITLIST**

Did you know that for every cell of your body, there are also around 10 microbe cells? Microbes are in us, all around us, and are essential for life on Earth. In this class, we will study how microbes impact human health and the environment we live in. You will cultivate and observe microbes in the lab, examine their growth and metabolic activities, and even learn to identify different microbial organisms! We will also learn how these cellular organisms have influenced human history and contributed to important scientific breakthroughs. Join us as we investigate these tiny, powerful life forms!
Instructor: Dr. Gita Mohanty
Grade Level: Rising 8th, 9th, & 10th


Did dinosaurs really go extinct or did they just grow feathers? Why are there so many birds in the world and how can anyone tell them apart? Many people take these noisy and colorful creatures for granted, but they are an important part of ecosystems around the globe. Join us as we spend a week investigating the incredible avian world, from the physics of flight to the unique adaptations that allow birds to survive on every continent. Learn critical field identification skills and discover conservation success stories and ongoing efforts. You will develop the skills to become a citizen scientist in your own backyard while gaining a new appreciation for these incredible animals. Together, we’ll learn that science may just be for the birds!
Instructor: Ms. Jordan Bailey
Grade Level: Rising 8th & 9th

Photography: Where Art and Science Converge **FULL/WAITLIST**

Are you a creative scientist? Or a curious artist? Together, we will discover the “how” of photography by working with light-sensitive materials. You will combine historical photographic processes with modern digital techniques for one-of-a-kind prints. Whether you are an artist, scientist, or something in between, join us and learn how to make decisions that can transform your snapshots into memorable works of art.
Instructor: Mrs. Julie Mixon
Grade Level: Rising 8th, 9th, & 10th

Pre-Med: Anatomy & Physiology **FULL/WAITLIST**

Have you ever thought of becoming a doctor? By participating in animal dissections, you will discover the anatomy of various structures and conduct experiments to understand the physiology of the body. We will also investigate what happens when things go wrong in the human body and result in disease. Through this hands-on introduction to anatomy and physiology, you will learn the basics that all doctors must master.
Instructor: Dr. Jim Wetzel
Grade Level: Rising 8th & 9th

Pre-Med: Biomedical Genetics **FULL/WAITLIST**

Why do we look like our parents, but also different? What is DNA and how does it make us all similar and unique at the same time? DNA carries all of the information that determines the functions of our cells and how they respond to their environment. We will look at how DNA is studied in scientific laboratories and how genetic information can be used by medical doctors. You will learn what DNA looks like, how it is inherited by offspring, and what can happen when a change, called a mutation, occurs.
Instructor: Dr. Janay Vacarasin
Grade Level: Rising 9th & 10th

Psychology: The Science of People **FULL/WAITLIST**

What exactly do psychologists do? How do humans grow, develop, and learn? We will investigate each of the main topics in psychology, including learning and behavior, neuropsychology, sensation and perception, memory and cognition, development, and personality. You will gain an introductory understanding of the field of psychology with an emphasis on applied skills in clinical, social, and developmental psychology. And completing your own hands-on research project will further deepen your understanding!
Instructor: Ms. Bethany Spencer
Grade Level: Rising 8th, 9th, & 10th

Science and The Law **FULL/WAITLIST**

Do you have a love for science and an interest in the world of law? Explore the intersection of these topics, along with potential law careers for those with a scientific background. In this course, we will research ethical and legal controversies surrounding cutting-edge discoveries and medicine. You will act as a lawyer or witness in our interactive mock trial sessions, explore the evolving world of scientific evidence, and review patents to figure out how to protect your intellectual property!  We will focus on public speaking skills, basic trial procedures, the structure of the legal system, logical reasoning, and constitutional and technology law. If you have ever considered a law career, this introductory course is for you!
Instructor: Ms. Charlotte Lomnicki
Grade Level: Rising 8th, 9th, & 10th

The Search for Life Out There: Astrobiology & Planetary Exploration **FULL/WAITLIST**

Are we alone in the universe? Until recently, this fundamental question about our place in the cosmos was only explored through philosophical discussion or works of science fiction. The growing science of astrobiology seeks to turn science fiction into science research. By combining classroom learning and hands-on experimentation, we will explore three main research areas: the search for habitable planets elsewhere in the universe, the study of so-called "extremophiles" on Earth, and the search for habitable zones and life elsewhere in the solar system. Become an astrobiologist for a week and join us as we search for answers!
Instructor: Dr. Patricia Craig
Grade Level: Rising 9th & 10th