ENGAGE Student Leaders

Meet the ENGAGE Student Leaders

Jack Jackson - President

Hello! My name is Jack Jackson, and I am from Greenville, SC. My favorite subjects in school have to be engineering and biology. As a part of the GSSM community, I take part in several clubs, such as SPARK!, HOSA, and Robotics. Additionally, I serve as a Natural Helper, tutor, and member of the Student Council. A fun fact about me is that I love to cook and bake whenever I have free time. Something that I love about ENGAGE is that we get to teach engineering concepts in a fun and interactive way. I am excited to share engineering with a group of bright, young students, and I cannot wait to inspire the future generation of engineers.

Connor Dow- Vice President

Hello! My name is Connor Dow and I’m from Simpsonville, South Carolina. I enjoy biology and chemistry, and I am a tutor in both subjects. I love to play games in my free time, and I also sometimes like to write stories. I’m excited to teach kids about engineering this upcoming year!

Alex Compton

Hey guys! My name is Alex Compton and I am a senior at GSSM. I am from Beaufort and love spending time outside and at the beach. ENGAGE was an awesome part of my junior year and I loved getting to meet and help kids from Hartsville who were interested in engineering. I am excited to teach and learn more this upcoming year!

Hollyn Downing

Hey! My name is Hollyn Downing and I'm from Columbia, SC. I love microbiology and engineering. I'm the president of Spiral Saturday Society and also a part of HOSA, philosophy club, photography club, and S2S. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and hopefully helping them understand engineering a little more. 

Lauren Hattan

Hey! My name is Lauren Hattan and I’m a senior here at GSSM. I am from Greenville, SC and I love chemistry, but engineering is a close second. I have a ton of different hobbies and am a member of many clubs such as NHS, Beta Club, FBLA, and even gardening club! I’m super excited for ENGAGE this year, and can’t wait to meet everyone and learn with you!!

Amaya Johnson

Hello! My name is Amaya Johnson and I am a senior at GSSM. I am from Columbia and my favorite subjects are English and Computer Science (something that I have developed an interest in while here at GSSM). Aside from ENGAGE, I am also a student ambassador, writing tutor, and a part of our cheer team. I'm looking forward to meeting other students interested in STEM and learning new things this year.

Briggs Murray

Hey y'all! My name is Briggs Murray and I'm a senior from Charleston, SC. My favorite subject is History, and I hope to study history in college. Aside from ENGAGE, I'm also involved in the Academic Team, SPARK! History, and the Philosophy Club. I'm excited to meet y'all and teach ENGAGE this year - our leadership team, Jack Jackson and Connor Dow, did an amazing job choosing some awesome lessons for you guys!!

Kevius Tribble

Hello! My name is Kevius Tribble and I am from Newberry, SC. My favorite subject is Computer Science. A fun fact about me is I have been involved with FTC robotics for three years. I am a student ambassador and a computer science tutor. I am involved with disc sports club, beta club, ACM, Tennis, and Cross Country. I am excited to pass my knowledge on to younger students

Katherine Feng 

Hi, my name's Katherine, and I am a senior at GSSM! My favorite subjects are math, computer science, and environmental studies. I'm really interested in how data science can analyze ecological processes and patterns. In college, I hope to use data analysis to help conservation efforts. I am so excited to be a part of ENGAGE this year and see new and returning faces! ENGAGE is really important because my parents have always told me that education is one of the most powerful tools, and I love seeing students get excited and passionate about what we teach. A fun fact about me is that I love collecting funny pieces of clothing like hats and my most prized possession, waffle pants. My favorite TV shows are Psych, How I Met Your Mother, and Malcolm in the Middle, and my favorite movie right now is The Big Sick. I absolutely love any kind of chocolate dessert and Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream.

SJ Caldwell 

Hi! I'm SJ Caldwell. I've always loved math, but GSSM sparked a passion for computer science. I joined ENGAGE! to help other students find a similar passion, no matter the field. I am also co-president of WOMPSCI, which promotes women in computer science fields. A fun fact about me is that I collect Mini Brands, and I listen to a LOT of music - ask me about my favorite artists! I am looking forward to leading more lessons this year!

Jacinda Byam

Hi, my name is Jacinda Byam and I’m the Vice President of WompSci. Computer Science is something that really interests me, especially game design, and I want to get more girls involved in it. I like watching anime, going thrifting, and hanging out with my friends. My favorite color is purple, and I love Dr. Pepper.

Mary Love

 Hey! I’m Mary and I'm the secretary of WompSci. My favorite subjects had always been chemistry and environmental science, but in the second semester of my Junior year, I found a passion for coding. One fun fact about me is that I have a taxidermy crocodile that plays the bongos in my room. I’m vegetarian and some of my favorite foods are falafel, broccoli, and anything with cheese! I also love watching anime with my friends and going to the gym.

Mackenzie Sturkie

Hi! I’m Mackenzie Sturkie. I’m a senior at GSSM with a love for chemistry and interest in computer science. I love encouraging others, especially women, in STEM topics, so I’m really excited to meet everyone and share the challenging yet wonderful world of computer science! A fun fact about me is that I love chess and am secretary of chess club at GSSM.