Explore. Experience. Excel.


A cherished GSSM tradition

What better way to start the year than to focus on one thing that interests and inspires you? INTERIM classes let you ease into the new year, tapping into undiscovered talents and exploring new personal frontiers.

Several courses include travel, nationally or internationally, and field experiences. In years past, groups have visited places like Silicon Valley and the Galapagos Islands.

Course topics are diverse and include science, technology, art, music and drama. Interim courses are taught by members of the GSSM faculty, along with visiting professors from South Carolina colleges and universities.

2024 January Interim Courses

  • Chess in the Interim ($0) 
  • Learn A Language In Two Weeks! ($0) 
  • Origami: The Art of Paperfolding ($0) 
  • World Building in the Films of Studio Ghibli ($0) 
  • Mathematical Puzzles and Games ($0) 
  • Heroes and Villains Shop: Plants and fungi to the rescue! ($0) 
  • Equine Science and Horsemanship ($350) 
  • Introduction to Autonomous Systems Engineering “Drone Engineering” ($1650) 
  • Mental Health in Pop Culture ($0) 
  • Music Performance and Songwriting ($0) 
  • SCUBA Certification during Interim ($1850) 
  • Digital Biology ($0) 
  • Interimprov! ($165) 
  • The Cooking Lab ($30) 
  • Glider Piloting at the Bermuda High Soaring School ($3000) 

  • Writing Your World ($0) 
  • Buddhist Meditation and Practices ($0) 
  • Sports Facilities ($200) 
  • Honeybees: The Biology, History, and Impacts of a Domesticated Super-Organism ($50) 
  • Sailing Adventures ($1450) 
  • Making Learning Fun Through Engineering ($0) 


Interim Travel Courses: 

  • A Smithsonian Interim ($875) 
  • The Low Countries: Past, Present, and Future ($3100) 
  • The Southwest Experience: A Journey into National Parks, Native America, and Creative Enlightenment ($2869) 
  • Charting the Galapagos Islands ($4490) 
  • Exploring Egypt: Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, and a Nile River Voyage ($4241) 
  • STEM Formula New York & Boston: Visiting GSSM Alumni ($2500) 
  • Ecosystems of California & Hawaii ($3500) 
  • A Tale of Two Cities ($3424) 

For most travel courses, families will pay the tour companies directly. Note that for most of these trips, payments will be due very soon. Contact the teacher of these interim travel courses for more information.


  • Some courses might not occur if the minimum number of students is not met. If the maximum number of students is exceeded, placement will be based on requests in the order they are received.
  • If you are requesting the same class for the second year in a row, you must receive permission from Dr. Martin.
  • Courses vary in content and cost. If a student registers for a course that has a fee, the student is responsible for payment in full for the course, even if he/she later withdraws or is dismissed from GSSM prior to or during interim. If this occurs, GSSM will not reimburse payments made, and the student remains responsible for the full payment of the course fee.
  • If you have any questions about interim, please contact Dr. Matt Martin (