A Welcome From the President


Welcome to GSSM.

As GSSM’s President, and a member of the Class of 1990, I am pleased to introduce you to one of our state’s, and nation’s, truly outstanding schools. GSSM’s mission is to seek out the most motivated and talented students across South Carolina and to challenge them with transformational educational experiences.

If you are a student driven to succeed and craving something more, these opportunities are here for you on our campus in Hartsville, in your current school district, and in the convenience of your home. No matter where, or how, you choose to join us, you will find the same commitment to excellence that is a hallmark of the Governor’s School for Science & Mathematics.

As a student in 1988 who needed something more, I can attest that GSSM transformed my life. I witnessed the same kind of growth in my brother, who graduated from GSSM in the Class of 1996. We were both challenged at GSSM to achieve more than we thought we could, and gained the confidence to raise our expectations and tackle new and complex problems. The encouragement to excel we received at GSSM, and the grit we developed to make it through, continues to shape our lives, and the lives of those we impact, to this day.

I hope in your STEM journey that GSSM can help plant a seed, cultivate it through inspiration and encouragement and, ultimately, shape your life as it has for tens of thousands of students before you. We’d love for you to join GSSM and be transformed!

Daniel S. Dorsel ’90