About GSSM Outreach

Transforming STEM learning from the ordinary to the extraordinary by engaging students in STEM learning experiences that are challenging, interactive, and a lot of fun!

The mission of GSSM’s Outreach Center is to serve as leaders in the development and delivery of exemplary programs designed to improve and support the STEM achievement of students and the professional growth of teachers across South Carolina.

Staying focused on students and excellence, the Outreach Center team believes all learning opportunities developed and delivered should:

  • Deepen students’ understanding of the relationship between science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and society.
  • Improve the problem-solving and reasoning skills of students.
  • Provide opportunities for students and teachers to explore real-world applications of STEM.
  • Improve teachers’ content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge in the areas of STEM.
  • Encourage students to explore careers and post-secondary majors in the areas of STEM.
  • Encourage students to consider GSSM as a STEM educational option.

The Outreach Center extends GSSM’s commitment to offer a transforming education that cultivates a joy in learning and building confidence. We are an incubator for learning and developing new ways to ignite students’ passions for STEM education and careers. We believe introducing students to STEM early and offering repeated learning opportunities builds a strong foundation for future studies and motivates them to pursue STEM careers. It is through exploration, inquiry, and discovery that students construct knowledge and develop an awareness of how science, mathematics and technology relate to their lives.

During the school year and summer, our Outreach Center provides a variety of interactive in person and online learning opportunities to 3rd – 10th grade students either on the GSSM campus or at school locations across the state.

Join us during the school year and the summer to transform your STEM learning from the ordinary to the extraordinary!

Contact outreach:

Melissa Hoffman
Outreach Center Program Coordinator - Team Lead
mhoffman@governors.school  |  843-383-3958