Campus Safety

We are dedicated to ensuring our campus is safe and secure for our residents, guests and community.

Safety Is Our First Priority.

GSSM's Public Safety Department is dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for our community and guests. Our Public Safety Department consists of Class 1 certified law enforcement officers and security officers that monitor and patrol our campus 24/7.

Our team provides essential services to the school, including:

  • Providing law enforcement presence to deter illegal activity in our area
  • Monitoring our camera system and key card access system
  • Checking in visitors through the Raptor system, which identifies registered sex offenders
  • Leading the school in emergency drills and procedures
  • Coordinating, partnering and liaising with local first responders 
  • Developing safety plans and coordinates training as needed
  • Providing other essential services when needed

Reach Us 24/7

Contact Public Safety

You can reach a member of the Public Safety team any time of day by calling the duty phone at 843-992-0377.

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