Launch Pad

Our summer enrichment program strengthens students' foundation for success at GSSM.

Get Ready to Launch

A strong foundation in math is important to success at GSSM.

Juniors who are invited to Launch Pad spend two weeks in the summer living on campus and working with GSSM instructors to bolster their math skills and confidence. They get an early look at Govie life and get started meeting their new classmates!

Students who complete Launch Pad report that helped them feel confident about starting the fall semester.

Just like during the regular school year, the cafeteria is open, the residence hall staff is planning activities. We work hard in class, then spend the evenings and weekends relaxing and getting to know each other.

You'll commit to spending two weeks with us. We'll commit to helping you unlock your Govie potential. Get ready to Launch.

Develop Skills & Confidence

Concentrated time will be spent bolstering students’ math knowledge and skills each morning. Students will be introduced to problem solving strategies, develop their quantitative reasoning skills, review key algebraic concepts, and have plenty of time to work on problems alone, with their teachers and with peers.  

Students will have additional academic experiences! English classes, biology, chemistry, and physics labs and economics workshops will provide a hands-on, interactive introduction to GSSM academics. These experiences will help students adjust to the expectations, excitement and rigor of the fall curriculum, along with skills to manage it all.

All classes will be taught by GSSM faculty and staff. Successful completion of Launch Pad will help our incoming juniors hit the ground running this fall.

No Tuition or Fees

There is no cost for attending Launch Pad. We provide room, meals, books, and supplies. Students will need only modest amounts of money for incidental, personal expenses. We ask only that students commit to spending both weeks with us and work hard as they embrace life as a Govie. Launch Pad is part of our commitment to helping all students succeed at GSSM.

Living In Residence

All Launch Pad students live in the GSSM residence halls. They are supervised by professional residence life staff and recent GSSM graduates – Student Assistants. You'll enjoy getting to know your hall mates who are doing the same thing you are and the staff who are cheering you on.

Nights & Weekends

Launch Pad is not all academics! We’ll also enjoy outings to Hartsville’s favorite student destinations, along with evening and weekend fun activities and excursions. Evenings and the weekend will help students learn the art of living and learning in a collaborative community of students from throughout South Carolina.

Invitation Only
Selection for Launch Pad is based on a careful review of several factors including each incoming student’s GSSM Placement assessment, and courses taken and grades earned at the home high school. Particular attention is given to math preparation; as a STEM school, we are well aware the significant role a strong foundation in mathematics plays in success throughout our curriculum.

Due to our desire to keep this program fairly small, attendance remains by invitation only.

COVID Protocol
The health and safety of our students, faculty and staff are of primary importance. We continue to monitor the number of COVID cases in South Carolina and will apprise families of any protocols in place for the summer.

"This was a great experience. At first it was scary, but then I learned a lot, made new friends, and grew stronger."

Jada Watson

For more information about this program, please contact Ms. Kyle Barnett, Director, Center for Academic Success: