GSSM Celebrates Black History Month

March 9, 2021

On Wednesday, February 24, GSSM’s NAACP and MOSAIC hosted the annual Black History Month Celebration. Dr. Angela Farris Watkins, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was the keynote speaker.

Dr. Watkins’ presentation inspired GSSM students to use their gifts and talents for the greater good. She told students to ask three questions of themselves: “Who in the world are you? Where in the world are you? What in the world are you here for?” She ended with a Q&A.

The GSSM chorus performed the African American Anthem Lift Every Voice and Sing. Watch their performance here.

Student Life Coordinator Chasity Samuels organized the event and lined up the speaker, music, dance, and poetry performances.

"The BHM Celebration may have appeared different this year, but the concept remains the same, to recognize, celebrate, and honor African Americans' central role in U.S. history," said Chasity.

Other highlights included a poetry presentation by Kayla Whitaker, a monologue by Raeva Bali, “Honoring Ms. Cecily Tyson,” a monologue by Kayla Baldwin, and a special dance performance.

For more information, read the program here.