GSSM Hosts 99 Student Presentations During 35th Research Colloquium

November 10, 2023

HARTSVILLE, S.C. – More than 120 students presented their summer research projects on Friday during the South Carolina Governor’s School for Science & Mathematics’ (GSSM) 35th Annual Research Colloquium.

The annual Research Colloquium is a day-long event where GSSM students share research findings from their summer research experiences, and it also provides an opportunity to share, celebrate and learn as a community. This year’s Research Colloquium featured 99 presentations among the more than 120 students. The students completed their research with the help of 93 different mentors across 40 research locations.

“Our senior Govies shined once again at our annual Research Colloquium,” GSSM President Danny Dorsel said. “Students presented research on Quantum Computing, Oxidant Therapy and Pancreatic Cancer, Driving Safety in the Era of Intelligent Vehicles and many other areas. They did it with poise and confidence. It was another great day at GSSM!”

This year’s research projects were conducted throughout South Carolina, the United States and abroad with top universities and companies that operate in healthcare, manufacturing, government, automotive and other fields. During the unique educational opportunities, GSSM students spent their summer helping researchers conduct tests and collect data in various ways.

"The GSSM mentored research and inquiry experience is a transformative challenge for our students that develops understanding of the process for rigorously solving problems and innovating through firsthand, real-world experience with professional researchers,” said Dr. Josh Witten, Director of Research & Inquiry. “Research Colloquium has been both a celebration of that journey and platform for our seniors to share their discoveries with our community."

Each year during the Research Colloquium, GSSM presents the Randall M. LaCross Distinguished Research Leadership Award to an individual who has made significant contributions to the success of GSSM student Research & Inquiry experiences. This year’s recipient of the prestigious award was Dr. Craig Nies, Director of Technical Staff in Materials Research at Kyocera-AVX Components Corporation.

“The most rewarding aspect of mentoring GSSM students in research projects is watching the growth of students, not only in the six weeks they work with us, but also when they return for additional intern periods in the following years. Initially, students experience some intimidation in starting in an unfamiliar environment, but as they work with us, their confidence grows visibly, and their work and presentations reflect that growth…Being part of that growth is deeply meaningful for both me and my colleagues who work with them.”

The Research & Inquiry experience at GSSM has been required curriculum since 1990, and it provides students with the opportunity for exploration, discovery, and individual growth. Colloquium also reflects the duty of scientists, explorers, and innovators to not only discover, but to effectively communicate that knowledge to others.

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