Nineteen GSSM Students Qualified to Compete at the FBLA National Leadership Conference

April 18, 2024

This past week, a group of twenty-one GSSM students travelled to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where they showcased their talents at the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) State Leadership Conference. Their performance was nothing short of exceptional, placing in the top 4 in 20 different events while winning first place in 14 of them. The event categories included presentations, role plays, and objective testing. Notably, nineteen GSSM students have qualified to compete and represent the school at the National Leadership Conference in Orlando this summer.

Among the standout performances:

  • The team of Annie Chen, Ava Shockey, and Sophia Stevenson won first place in Visual Design.
  • Idris Fayzullayev earned first place in Website Design and third place in Behavioral Economics.
  • The other winners of presentation events were Paige McKnight (1st, Public Service Announcement), Adam Towner (1st, Sales Presentation), Bre Sherwood (2nd, Impromptu Speaking), and Dao Bui (2nd, Social Media Strategies).
  • The winners in the role play events were Mariana Mikhael (1st, Marketing), Khushi Udani (1st, Hospitality & Event Management), and Akshara NallaReddy (4th, Help Desk).
  • Gael Valverde won first place in both Networking Infrastructures and Computer Science & Technology.
  • Audrey Howard earned second place in Financial Services and Fintech and third place in Retail & Wholesale Management.
  • Patrick Li won first place in Business Calculations, first place in Financial Services and Fintech, and second place in Computer Science & Technology.
  • Whitt Byrd garnered first place in Behavioral Economics and fourth place in Economics.
  • Robert Johnson earned third place in both Human Resource Management and Computer Science & Technology.
  • The remaining winners of the objective test events were David Coman (1st, Personal Finance), DJ Floyd (1st, Computer Problem Solving), Roberto Rigoni (1st, Organizational Leadership), and Daniel Lin (2nd, Personal Finance).

These outstanding accomplishments reflect the unwavering dedication, talent, and spirit of excellence embodied by the GSSM students, inspiring admiration and setting a shining example for peers and aspiring leaders alike.