Promoting Advanced STEM Exploration Through the Use of Technology

At GSSM, we believe that combining innovative data collection technologies with active learning opportunities leads to significant improvement in teacher and student achievement. That’s why we created PASE.

What is PASE?

Promoting advanced STEM exploration through the use of hands-on, high-tech portable data collection devices and lab equipment, PASE Science provides mobile learning technologies to middle and high school STEM teachers. 

How Does PASE Work?

GSSM provides district-based, customizable, professional development packages during the school year or summer. Teachers are engaged in challenging activities in which they learn how to integrate the PASE learning technologies and equipment into their curriculum. Following the workshops, teachers may elect to borrow the PASE equipment for use in their classrooms.

PASE Curriculum Checkout

For more information regarding the PASE curriculum and equipment Checkout system or submit a request, use the following link: 

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