GSSM isn’t just about academics—we have a lot of fun, too! The school year kicks off with a group field trip to Saluda Shoals Park, where you’ll take part in a fun, team-building outdoor challenge course and meet your new classmates. If you’re shy or introverted, don’t worry! One of the great things about GSSM is that because everyone is a “new student,” you’re all in the same boat. And with 277 other students, you’re bound to find new friends who share your interests. 

Clubs and Societies

GSSM has nearly 70 clubs and societies. Clubs are organizations with a faculty sponsor, while societies are student-run. Any two students can form a society based on anything they’re interested in. Societies have been formed around a wide variety of topics, such as Harry Potter, Hip Hop, Improv Comedy, and College Football.  

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Academic Competition Teams and Conference Groups

Love to match wits with the competition? GSSM students are always up for a challenge on our academic competition teams.

  • Academic Team
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Math Team
  • Model UN
  • Mock Trial
  • Speech and Debate
  • YIG (Youth in Government)
  • 200 Keys Tech Conference for Teens


GSSM students now have the opportunity to explore 2D and 3D media and techniques with innovative, professional artist Patz Fowle during the school year. Discover the artist within or improve on what you already know during our open studio. Students will be encouraged to participate in public exhibitions in the art community. Explore media and techniques such as: Illustration, ceramics, drawing, painting, pastels, mixed media sculpture, mixed media collage, charcoal, colored pencils, digital media, and more!


GSSM students appreciate good music: we have chorus, glee club, orchestra, concert band, jazz band, and pep band. These groups rehearse on a weekly basis and perform publicly. Students are encouraged to participate in SCMEA competition opportunities such as Jazz Festival, Region and All-State Orchestra, Chorus, and Band. Band students are invited to play with the Coker College Concert Band. We also have a “jam” room with musical instruments for students who want to practice or freestyle with other student musicians. GSSM provides the following instruments—and, of course, students are welcome to bring their own!

  • two pianos
  • wind instruments
  • percussion instruments
  • two full drum sets
  • two digital synthesizer piano work stations
  • a guitar/synthesizer amp
  • two full PA systems
  • a small mixer
  • a recording interface