GSSM’s two-year, tuition-free, in-residence program provides high school juniors and seniors with exceptionally strong academic preparation emphasizing deep conceptual understanding within, and across, disciplines. Our special opportunities for the advanced study of science, math, and engineering, paired with equally strong offerings in humanities and social sciences, provide students with the deep knowledge and broad, well-rounded perspective that is the foundation for success and achievement in a wide range of future pursuits.


Our curriculum, which utilizes state-of-the-art lab facilities and equipment, allow you to work ahead of your grade level and challenge yourself with new aspects of your favorite subjects. We also offer college- and graduate-level learning opportunities not available in traditional high schools, like international research, independent study and mentored science and economics research.

You can expect to find all the courses that you have in your home high school, plus many other niche courses that are unique to GSSM!
  • Rigorous science and math coursework—check out our course catalog and FAQs
  • Creative, stimulating classroom experiences
  • Highly educated, expert faculty
  • Superior lab facilities for biology, chemistry, physics, and computer science
  • Community of engaged and motivated scholars


Unparalleled Faculty

GSSM faculty members are chosen for their intelligence, experience, and ability to bring out the best in their students. All faculty members have advanced degrees in their field, and 86 percent have doctorates. Many are actively involved with our student teams and organizations outside the classroom. What’s more, they consistently challenge students to think independently and stretch themselves academically.

Independent Study

GSSM students can participate in independent study courses to further pursue an area of interest. If a student is interested in a course that is not currently being taught, he or she can approach a faculty member about teaching the course. For years, neuroscience was such a popular independent study course that GSSM turned it into an official schedule offering. Other popular independent study topics include math, computer science.

Research & Inquiry

Mentored Research & Inquiry experiences have been a unique feature and academic requirement at the South Carolina Governor’s School for Science & Mathematics (GSSM) since 1990. The GSSM Research & Inquiry experience is one of the distinctive learning opportunities that sets this educational journey apart from other schools across South Carolina and the country. This experience provides GSSM students with the unique opportunity of exploration, discovery, and individual growth. GSSM students become familiar with the methods of discovery, apply critical thinking skills, learn to overcome challenges with rigor and creativity and challenge their ability to communicate complex concepts.

Research & Inquiry

Engaging Elective

January Interim, a three-week mini-mester of experiential courses and travel, takes place between the fall and spring semesters and explores fun subjects outside of the standard curriculum. These popular, unique classes give students a chance to express themselves creatively, discover interests outside of their academic pursuits, and travel in the US and abroad. Past courses have included:

  • Art in the Interim
  • Bermuda High Soaring School Introductory Gliding Course
  • A Tale of Three Cities Eastern Style: China
  • Equine Science and Horsemanship
  • Charting the Galapagos Islands
  • Mental Health Through Pop Culture: The Psychology of Adrian Monk
  • Introduction to Filmmaking
  • Robotics with Younger Students: Working with Elementary School Students
  • Tech Trek: Boston and New York City

January Interim Courses